B****es These Days

You know those bars you see as you're walking down Bourbon Street with the strippers dancing on poles outside and you think, "Who in their right mind would actually be caught dead in one those? Def not me!" Well, Nashville also has a couple of those bars and on Friday, I just so happened to... Continue Reading →

Operation KK: Part Two

After my failed attempt on Friday to capture any kittens, I'd kind of lost all hope of catching them and doing something good for them. However, I set the traps back up anyway and went home for the night. I decided I'd let them sit out overnight and in the morning I'd exchange them for... Continue Reading →

Operation KK: Kitten Katchin’ Part I

How was my weekend, you ask? Well, I'll tell you! It consisted of mainly two things: catching kittens and kayaking. Seriously.It all started a few weeks ago when my friend, Kacey, noticed some kittens living in a tunnel in her apartment complex. She took a picture of them and posted it on Facebook and I... Continue Reading →

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