DIY Struggles: 1991 “Antiques”

My kitchen cabinets are finally done! I can’t believe it! After a month and a half of stepping over doors and trying to figure out how to neatly stack paint/sanding/cleaning supplies in my kitchen, I can finally put it all to bed and just enjoy my work. I am so proud of them! And in... Continue Reading →

Homeowning and Insurancing

Oh, man. Is it Monday?? It’s not? Oh. Ok. Cool. Today, I have a story to tell that outlines the very reason this blog has its title. Nothing can ever just be simple. Even when you hire people to make the tedious things easier for you. You still have to rely on those people to... Continue Reading →

A Little Dose of Realness

I may get some behind-the-back talk for this post, but I want to clear one thing up before I get into it. I am not looking for sympathy. If I could change the fact that this is a thing I have to deal with, I totally would. However, the majority of this blog, along with... Continue Reading →

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