The New Normal

You know how people who have fought and overcome something life-changing (divorce, cancer, a death, etc.) start talking about their “new normal” like it’s something you’re supposed to understand?

Well, guess what everyone! It’s happening. Right now! To everyone on the planet (or just about).

If you’ve never lived through anything awful, soul-crushing, or life-altering (I’m willing to bet it was most likely all of those things at once) and had to figure out how to live your life as normally as possible despite all the shit going on around you, well, congratulations! You’re living through it now.

Now, you are having to figure out how to work from home when your job never had a policy before. I hear the entire country of Germany is going digital so that children can continue schooling online, and I must say, after helping organize a major event over there last year, that is a HUGE accomplishment for them. They are adapting to their new normal amazingly.

Now we are having to figure out how to get groceries when shelves aren’t being restocked fast enough. It amazes me the amount of people I’ve seen posting about shelves being empty who don’t understand how supply chain works. If businesses close to prevent the spread of the virus, there will be no one left to farm, collect, prepare, distribute, or deliver groceries to your stores. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but this is part of the reason people are panicking – it isn’t unwarranted when we could be quarantined up to 3 months. Look at the patterns from other countries affected by this – we are not far behind them and are repeating their problems instead of learning from them (the toilet paper fiasco originated in Hong Kong).

We also need to now do our part to prevent the spread of this virus by staying away from our friends and extended family (please don’t go visit your grandparents or any health-compromised individuals for the next few weeks).

Some people seem to be pouting about this, but THIS IS YOUR NEW NORMAL. Whether you like it or not! Do you think anyone else who lived through their own trauma had a say in it?! These are all things we have to learn to deal with now.

Some are obviously dealing better than others, and that’s to be expected. Some have had to make permanent, life-altering decisions before now, and they are better at this than the average Joe. Find them. They can help you acclimate.

Anyway, if you’ve read my blogs before, I talk about a moment. Everyone has at least one that has helped make them into the person they are today (whether that be good or bad).

We are lucky this moment is temporary, but we won’t get out of this unscathed. These moments usually leave a lasting impression that affect the way we deal with similar things in the future.

This virus (and quite a few non-sickness-related events before this) have identified major, glaring issues in our nation (hell, our world) and we are being given the opportunity to find solutions before these problems get worse. And things can always get worse.

This moment is happening now. To all of us. On a global scale. We won’t be the same people coming out of it that we were going in.

At least I hope not.

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