How To: Make New Friends

Since I moved here (a whole 3 weeks ago) I've been wondering how in the world I am going to meet new people. Everyone I knew back home I met through school and had pretty much grown up with. Well, school is over now and I am in a completely new place. I left all... Continue Reading →

House Painting… Situation

My personality is basically summed up like this: Unending curiosity coupled with an inability to tell people "no." Years ago, I never would have qualified myself as a "spontaneous person," but lately I've found that certain personality traits (mentioned above) require a great deal of spontaneity, which tend to land me in strange (sometimes sticky)... Continue Reading →

New Blog Topic

Ever since Mama's (and Shana's) little bird got a job and flew the coup, I've been racking my brain over what to blog about next. I've pretty much covered my most meaningful job-hunting experiences and I've completed my goal of actually finding a job (yay me!). So what could I write about that's interesting enough... Continue Reading →

Working for Nothing

Something I got particularly tired of during my job search was being asked to create some kind of artwork for the company to which I was applying. Yes, that actually happened. And it really irked me. I mean, why did I spend 5 years creating a portfolio if every job I apply to is going... Continue Reading →

Craigslist Creepers

Much of my job search was done online. Craigslist was my go-to source for quite a while because it was so easy to send my resume in pdf form to the email address listed in the ads. Since you've seen my resume, I won't go into detail about how great it looks in pdf form... Continue Reading →

Moral: Use Crest PRO HEALTH!

I would like to take this time to let you all (349 of you!!) know that I am aware that I have not posted anything recently, which I'm sure is absolutely killing you. If you missed the last post, I got a job! This post is more of a commercial break. I will resume regularly... Continue Reading →

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