Moral: Use Crest PRO HEALTH!

I would like to take this time to let you all (349 of you!!) know that I am aware that I have not posted anything recently, which I’m sure is absolutely killing you. If you missed the last post, I got a job! This post is more of a commercial break. I will resume regularly scheduled blogging (hopefully) next week.

Anyway, I’m super overwhelmed with stuff to do right now. I’ve found an apartment (which is so much easier than finding a job, by the way) and am moving in this Saturday. As in Cinco de Mayo. And I will stay there next week and try to get settled in before I go to my cousin’s graduation in Starkville next weekend.

My place is in The Grove. It’s a pretty big one bedroom apartment with a sun room that can act as a second bedroom/office/Poe’s room/whatever, and the best part is that it is in downtown Nashville. It’s the perfect starting place! A little expensive, but I’m in the neighborhood I want to be in with all the folks that are my age, so I’m okay with the price for now!

I spent some of yesterday making phone calls to get renter’s insurance (required by my apartment), gas, electricity and internet turned on. I feel so grown up!

However, before I did all that I had a dentist appointment. Just a simple teeth-cleaning was all it was supposed to be. Well, I am Emily and nothing is ever simple. I have a…something (some stopped up gland or something) in my mouth that has to be numbed and cut out, and I also had a freaking cavity! Seriously? I’m 24 years old. Haven’t we out-grown cavities by now?! The dentist said it was tiny and wasn’t a big deal, but I know exactly why I got one. It’s because I’ve been using just plain ole Crest toothpaste instead of Crest Pro Health. For years I’d been getting compliments on my teeth and hardly any of that scraping and scratching involved with tons of plaque removal (and I never floss). For years I’d been using Crest Pro Health. Until one day when Walmart didn’t have the cinnamon flavor I loved. I figured, what the heck, plain ole Crest in cinnamon flavor is probably the same thing… Nope.

It gives you cavities and bleeding gums from scratching and scraping of plaque. FML.

At least I have an amazing new job and apartment to help me get through Thursday when they cut that thing out of my mouth (which has to be biopsied, but I know it’s not cancer because I don’t smoke!) and fill my stupid cavity.

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