Whole30 – Day 2: The Hangover

Morning. I woke up late again because I just completely forgot to set my alarm this morning. I have done this twice now. I'm convinced it's because my new job hardly feels like work. I really like going to the office everyday, so I am no longer in the mindset of "Do I really need... Continue Reading →

Whole30 – Day 1

Morning: I got up (late) and got ready for work. On my way out the door, I heated up my Blackberry Sage Sausage patties I'd made the night before. They were wonderful! Then I checked on my homemade mayo I'd also made that night. Big fat nope. I would have to try again tonight, but... Continue Reading →

Whole30 Challenge – The Prep Stage

This past weekend, one of my oldest friends came to visit me in Charlotte. She lives in New Orleans now and had never been here, so what better time than the present?! We had a great time exploring Charlotte and Asheville and hiking and eating and eating some more.In fact, the past few months, for... Continue Reading →

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