Whole30 – Day 2: The Hangover

Morning. I woke up late again because I just completely forgot to set my alarm this morning. I have done this twice now. I’m convinced it’s because my new job hardly feels like work. I really like going to the office everyday, so I am no longer in the mindset of “Do I really need this job??” every single night of the week. I guess the saying actually is true: If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Who’d have thought??

Anyway, I woke up late but still made it to work on time. (Because I know you’re putting together a lecture in your head for our next phone call, Mom, but you don’t have to. I’m reminded every weekend that I’m an adult because sleeping in is impossible for me now. Not with responsibilities all constantly scrambling to the front of the line in my head. Sleep is but a small respite from adulting, and my mind will only allow me small windows of it at a time.)

I grabbed another Blackberry Sausage patty on my way out the door and found myself already looking forward to the chicken salad I was going to have for lunch. My mayo turned out perfectly despite completely ruining my immersion blender in the process of making it.

I did not try the coffee again today. Didn’t really need it after all the sleep I got last night anyway, so I didn’t bother trying to force it down. I have decided to wait until I get some coconut milk in the hopes that it may taste better than the almond milk before I try it again.

Lunch. My chicken salad was even better than it was when I tried it last night! I was afraid it would be too sweet-tasting, but the lettuce balanced it out perfectly. It was great, and I am glad there is more of it for tomorrow’s lunch.

Afternoon. My head started to feel foggy. I believe this is the beginning of a two-to-three day headache thanks to all the crappy food I ate this weekend. They say the “hangover” is directly proportional to the food you ate before starting this little endeavor, so I am nervous for what is to come. It was very hard for me to concentrate at work this afternoon, so my fingers are crossed that it doesn’t get any worse. Besides, I have pushed through two-day hangovers before. Just for different reasons.

Dinner. A couple of friends and I saw Band of Horses at the Filmore but met for dinner at La Revolucion, a Mexican place, beforehand. I was starving by the time we got there, but I had done my research and already knew what I was going to order. Unfortunately, my headache was still a thing, and I knew eating something would help at least a little bit. I really wanted those chips, but I didn’t touch a single one! Some of you may not think this is a big deal, but it was a pretty large victory to me. I usually can’t stop myself from munching on those while waiting for my food, and I’m not usually as hungry as I was last night when I’m eating them.

By the time we got to the Filmore and through the opening act, my head was killing me. It was pounding and everything just seemed foggy. I felt like I watched the entire first show through a daze. I thought part of it was due to hunger earlier, but I had just eaten, so I knew it was just the massive sugar hangover (mixed with the base that was so deep it shook the floors and rattled my teeth every time it hit). It was so bad I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the entire Band of Horses show. But by some act of God (or good music), after about a song’s worth of B of H, my head stopped hurting, my vision cleared up and I felt a million times better! Thank the LAWD! Made it through the whole show just fine!

And the headache stayed away for the rest of the night. We shall see what happens tomorrow, though. Fingers crossed that I’m through the worst part.

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