Emotional Basketcase

This was written May 8-ish. I have officially decided to do a full mastectomy. At this point, the benefits just seem to outweigh the risks. The tumor is too large for a lumpectomy, so reconstruction of the breast is necessary. By law, North Carolina insurance companies must pay to match or reconstruct breasts after a... Continue Reading →

MRI Results

This was written on May 1. Dr. Turk had called me earlier that day to tell me that the MRI had picked up another mass and he was "officially unofficially" recommending a mastectomy and he put in a referral for a plastic surgeon. A couple of days (or maybe it was a week?? I don't... Continue Reading →

My Type of Cancer

Mmkay. I feel like I need to clarify one thing. Let’s all get this straight: I am not dying. Not even close. Not even a little bit. Yes, I could get hit by a CATS bus tomorrow because those guys are assholes, but my breasts will not be what kills me (I can say that with... Continue Reading →

The Diagnosis

This is from my journal, written soon after my diagnosis. I know it has only been a month, but after having a little time to process all of this and going back to read over some of these entries, part of me feels like I was maybe being a little over-dramatic at times. But these... Continue Reading →

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