MRI Results

This was written on May 1.

Dr. Turk had called me earlier that day to tell me that the MRI had picked up another mass and he was “officially unofficially” recommending a mastectomy and he put in a referral for a plastic surgeon. A couple of days (or maybe it was a week?? I don’t know) after I wrote this, I met with Dr. Kara Criswell to discuss my options, so this is how I felt back when we were still trying to save the breast (easier surgery and recovery time—also not quite as serious).

My current worst nightmare has come true. I say “current” because it changes by the day now.

I have to have another MRI done. Not only that, but they are going to stick another needle in my boob while they’re doing it!


Anyway, Dr. Turk had barely finished his sentence when I asked for the anxiety pill this time around. He seemed only slightly suspicious about this immediate demand for serious drugs, but he seemed also to realize how much that said about the first one being terrifying.

They found another “abnormality” in another part of my breast (both spots are in the right breast), and they want to biopsy it to see if it is also cancer. And the fact that they can only see it with an MRI means that I will need an MRI-guided biopsy.

I mean. As soon as I don’t think it can get any worse, it does. Fingers crossed this new spot is nothing.

It was also discovered through the MRI that the original mass is slightly too big for Dr. Turk’s comfort level with a lumpectomy. So in my second bit of news today, it has been recommended that I consider reconstruction. Dr. Turk is referring me to a plastic surgeon to discuss it further.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try not to go crazy over what this new spot could be. It could change everything. Or it could change nothing.

No pressure.

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