Flapper Attire

Last Thursday (June 21) Mercy Lounge hosted a RAWartists Showcase. It was basically a bunch of local artists showing off their awesome stuff in a place that served overly expensive alcohol. And it was FUN.I actually had no intention of going to this show, whatsoever, because 1) I'm not so down with the hipster scene... Continue Reading →

My First Kayak Adventure

One really cool thing that came out of my Old-People Watching trip was my very first kayak trip.I'd been dying to go since pretty much, forever, and of course it came up in conversation in the car on the way to the recital. Somewhere in the conversation, I said, "Man, I wish I could go,... Continue Reading →

Old-People Watching

Last Friday, Amy, one of the girls I work with (we started on the same day and work in Marketing together) very sweetly invited me to go with her to see her cousin play in a jazz quartet. His quartet's name is the Goodburgers (reminds me of the Kenan and Kel days - which may... Continue Reading →

Shades of Awesome

So, our Meetup group had our first actual Meetup about the Color Run in Nashville in September (the Bar Crawl was more of a pre game). We met last Tuesday at my new favorite place to eat, Chipotle. This place is awesome. It's healthy Mexican food in the style of Subway. So cool. And pretty... Continue Reading →

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