Flapper Attire

Last Thursday (June 21) Mercy Lounge hosted a RAWartists Showcase. It was basically a bunch of local artists showing off their awesome stuff in a place that served overly expensive alcohol. And it was FUN.

I actually had no intention of going to this show, whatsoever, because 1) I’m not so down with the hipster scene and 2) the theme for the show was the 1920s. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love the fashion from some of the past decades and sometimes think I was born in the wrong one; however, I must say the loose, pleated clothing that aimed for the boyish figure of the Roaring 20s is not one of my favs. And at this show, people were encouraged to dress the part and all my friends were going as flappers. No thanks.

Well, of course I got talked into going because, you all should know by now, that I can’t say no. (This is turning into a very expensive vice). Anyway, the ticket was only $10 and there was art and live music! How could I not go?!

Heavy sigh… Fine.

So after a full two days of frantically searching the internet, my closet, and even some thrift stores for something to wear, I decided to go for more of a ‘daytime’ look. I chose a white dress that I had not worn in years but hung loose on me, so I thought it’d be fine for that ‘boyish’ look. I also went with some black heels, a gorgeous pearl necklace from Kacey, and a black sequined headband that I borrowed from Jennifer, a new friend, who just-so-happened to have had a 20s-themed birthday party last year. Good enough!

When we got there I realized that all my stressing was, of course, useless because there were plenty of people who did not dress the part. But it didn’t matter anymore because I actually felt cute. I usually feel cute when I wear heels because people stare at me, which probably has more to do with the fact that I tower over everyone and nothing to do with what I am wearing. But it’s all in how you view things, folks. I choose to believe it’s because I’m breathtakingly beautiful and nothing else!

Anyway, the art was amazing. We looked around at all the photography and paintings, and jewelry. The stuff those people came up with was really fun to look at. It’s crazy to see how different my [what I like to believe is a] creative mind is from other creative minds. It never fails to amaze me, which is why I never regret going to one of these shows.

They also showcased a music video, a fashion show, two music bands, and a comedian. All of which were amazing. Except the comedian. He was the last to go on and was pretty much a train wreck. I couldn’t bear to watch him and we were hungry by that time, so we did not stay for the whole thing. Poor guy.

I definitely did not regret going to this show. I got to hang out with some awesome people, discovered a great new band, The Hardin Draw (mix between Zach Brown and Mumford and Sons), and fell in love with my white dress all over again! I can’t wait to see what I’ll benefit from the next time I’m talked into something I don’t really want to do.

Many thanks to our very own paparazzi, Amber, for taking all the pics at all our events! It’s always nice to have someone force us to take pics so we can remember what we did (and so I can show them off).

Most of the Group

Kay, Me, and Amber

Kacey and I

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