Shades of Awesome

So, our Meetup group had our first actual Meetup about the Color Run in Nashville in September (the Bar Crawl was more of a pre game). We met last Tuesday at my new favorite place to eat, Chipotle. This place is awesome. It’s healthy Mexican food in the style of Subway. So cool. And pretty cheap, too.

Anyway, about 15 girls showed up, which I was really excited about, since it was kind of my idea to form a group in the first place. I was originally hoping to just get the minimum four required, but 15 is awesome! 
We spread out over about 4 tables and ate and talked and got to know some more girls. I’m sure the people eating/working at Chipotle were wondering what the hell we were doing. Some of us walked in and already knew each other and others we hadn’t met we knew immediately upon their entering the building because they looked like lost puppies. We all knew that look/feeling because we’d all been there before! But I think we made all the new girls feel pretty welcome. They all seemed to have a decent time, anyway.
After we ate everyone was still chatting, and I figured we were never going to get out of there with a group name, which is required to register. So I stood up and suggested each table come up with a name and we’d all vote on which one we liked the best. Apparently, coming up with a team name is more difficult than it sounds. One of the tables got distracted and started planning a karaoke night (which I’m so down for, BTW), another couldn’t come up with any at all, so that left two tables. Mine and another one that included all the girls I’d met before. 
We all got out our phones and started searching for lame names that had some kind of pun in them for colors. Some of our examples were: Ready, Set, Van Gogh (which we later found out was tweeted on the Color Run’s Twitter, so we didn’t go with that one), The Van Gogh Gogh’s, Tempura Tantrums, etc. However, the one we all decided on was Shades of Awesome. That name pretty much won, hands down.
So, then we discussed our t-shirts. Kacey has a screen printer (jealous!) and offered to print a logo on our white Ts that we have to wear to run in. 
I got a wild hair the next day and decided to take a stab at the logo. I didn’t expect to finish it that quickly, but I got excited about it once it started looking pretty cool. Here’s what I came up with:

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