Thank You

I read an article today about an elderly man who bought a VHS player on eBay so that he could watch some old VHS tapes he found. This man then wrote a sweet letter to the seller to thank him for letting him relive his wedding and retirement through those tapes, and the letter went... Continue Reading →


On my way into work this morning, I found myself reflecting on this year. With all of the massive highs and incredibly low lows that came along with my diagnosis, it immediately occurred to me that, even if someone were to offer me an exorbitant amount of money, I would never want to re-live this... Continue Reading →

The Monday-est Thursday

Life is full of disappointments. Some big, some small. I’ve had my fair share of them in the past but I could argue that I’ve never had so many consecutive disappointments as I have this year. Being diagnosed with cancer brought on more than I ever could have imagined (many of which are documented in... Continue Reading →

My October

Well, it’s October, which means it’s breast cancer awareness month. Which also means I sort of feel obligated to write something, anything to acknowledge it. But the truth is breast cancer awareness month no longer means the same thing to me as it did before my diagnosis. From now on, breast cancer awareness will be... Continue Reading →

Phantom… Sensations

Warning: Inappropriate post ahead! Y'all. This post is going to be pretty X-Rated, but I'm going to post it anyway. I've done some searching online, and I'm only getting a little bit of info, so if this helps someone else going through this along side me, great. If not, maybe it'll make for a good... Continue Reading →

The “Other Side” of Cancer

I wrote a sentence in my last post about being on the other side of cancer and it very much inspired this post. So, this time I want to write about what life is like now, months after the diagnosis and [the first] surgery. Not just my complaining about bills and playing phone tag with... Continue Reading →

Holding Things Together… Barely

Back when I first started blogging about my breast cancer journey, I wasn’t writing anything that I wasn’t quite a few days (or weeks) removed from. But that has changed since then for a couple of reasons. One being, I’m all caught up now. And two, I think it’s only fair that those of you... Continue Reading →

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