Emotional Farewell

This was a pretty somber day. By the time Sunday came around, I was ready for it. I’d had a great time at this adult sleep away camp, but I was exhausted and it was time to go home. But not until I saw Tom Petty, of course.

Rachel and I got up early and eventually began packing things up. As I was moving things around and making room in the car for everything that was outside of it, I realized I had an embarrassing amount of wet wipes left over. I hadn’t even used a whole pack and the box I bought at Costco had 10 packs (60 count) in it. What the hell am I supposed to do with 600 wet wipes?! Sorry boys, you’ll never step foot in my bathroom again. I need to find another festival to go to. I also bought too much Gatorade, Goldfish, beer (it’s possible) and chicken salad. I’m still eating that chicken salad. Barf.

The only thing missing is a box of Depends.
Bonnaroo Life Lesson #10: You can have too many wet wipes and you can get sick of chicken salad.

Once we all got packed up, we decided to go our separate ways. Meagan and Jenn were leaving earlier than Rachel and I, and they wanted to see a show at 12. So, Rachel and I sat in the car air conditioning long enough to cool off and then went to Centeroo to get coffee and find the cinema tent. It was air conditioned, so we decided to hang out there until Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros came on. We got to the stage while The Sheepdogs were still playing and basically passed out on the ground for a while. We were nicely rested when Edward Sharpe came on. It was a very touching show. During ‘Home’ they went into the audience to ask people to tell them a story. They found one guy who told us a year ago the band came to play in his hometown, but he couldn’t make the show because he was sick. The band actually went to visit him in the hospital and the next day he got a transplant that saved his life. Alex Ebert (lead singer) hugged him and invited him on stage to hang out with them. It was amazing and very emotional. I actually teared up.

After this show we had some time before Tom Petty came on, so we went back to the tent for a few. I shaved my legs since I’d forgotten to that morning, and we put on long sleeves because it was getting cold out. Should’ve brought my poncho, too, because it poured down rain on us for pretty much all of Tom Petty. Even though we were cold and wet, we still enjoyed the show. We stayed until about 10:30 and walked back to the car to leave. We started getting nervous seeing all the traffic trying to get out, but it turns out we were so far from the crowds that we had no trouble getting out. And after turning around a few times because of the Manchester cops trying to tell us to go the wrong direction and then blocking off the ramp to the Interstate (WTF?!), we were both home by 1am.

This was an amazing, possibly life-changing experience that everyone should be a part of before they die. I was worried that the tent-camping and no showers would deter me, but it only added to the fun.  In fact, I’m pretty sure my hair is still coated in a layer of dirt. This experience is one that I’ll never forget. I fully intend to go back next year (get ready, Mom, you’re coming with).

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