Buying My First Car

Since my car was 10 years old and had over 250K miles on it, I knew it wouldn’t take much to total it. Basically, an angry ex could have keyed it and it would’ve been worthless. So, slamming into someone’s passenger side door definitely did the trick. After getting the official call from my insurance company telling me it was indeed, totaled, it was time to go car shopping.

I had no idea where to start, but I knew my one requirement was that this car be a stick. I drove one in high school and missed it. I had always entertained the thought that my next car would be a stick, and now was finally my chance. So I started looking at Jettas. They weren’t expensive and seemed pretty safe. Carmax had them, so C came with me to test drive one Monday night. When we got there, they didn’t have a stick for me to test, but I tried an automatic just to see how it drove. I didn’t like it at all. It felt like my Accord that was 10 years old.

That was when the salesman suggested the Civic SI. He drove one and loved it. I figured, why not? So I test drove a 2013 SI with navigation. I loved it. That car was nice but way out of my price range. But now I had something better than a Jetta to focus on and look for. I had no intentions of buying a car that night, but I wanted to get started on it since I only had my rental car for another week. Our salesman found an SI we could get transferred from Texas that was still slightly out of my price range and wouldn’t be in until Saturday–cutting it close to the deadline of turning in my rental. But we put in the order anyway and called it a night.

I spent the next day or two looking around different websites trying to find another SI in my price range and finally landed on one at Priority Honda in Huntersville, NC. It was a beautiful blue that I fell in love with before even seeing it in person. It had some mileage on it, but it was closer to my price range, and I thought I could talk them down to get it just right. The test drive went well, so we went inside to talk numbers. They came down to within $500 of my price, so I went home to sleep on it.

After talking things through with my mom, my step-dad, and C, I decided to go for it. So on Wednesday, June 18, I bought the car. It took hours to get all the paperwork done, and I was stressed out the entire time. I’d like to shout out to Dale Denny (the salesman who finished the paperwork with me) for being so great and easy to talk to. He cracked jokes, was super nice, and made me feel a little better.

Buying a car and willingly signing my life away to debt was not an easy task for me. This was my first time making such a huge purchase all by myself. And doing it without my mom was painful. It was overwhelming to say the least, and the mere thought of it exhausted me. I was 10 hours from home, so my mom couldn’t exactly pop over to help me (though she did offer). Thank goodness for C. He was super helpful to me throughout the entire process. By my side the whole way and talking me off ledges right and left. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without him.

Does this make me a grown-up yet?!

Isn’t she pretty?!

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