Pro Tip: Think Smarter, Not Harder

I started talking to a guy on Tinder that we will call ‘A’. A is a personal trainer with two cats. We had a pretty good talk and seemed to have a lot in common. He drives a stick (thank you!) and, other than the fact that he has two cats, seemed like a really cool guy.
We discussed meeting in person. He gave me his number, and I texted him.
Then, like I do most randoms from Tinder who give me their numbers, I searched it on Facebook. I do this for two reasons: to see if you are who you say you are (e.g., in a relationship or not) and to try to find out if meeting you in person is going to be worth my time. Most people have a ton more pictures on Facebook than they do on Tinder, so it is easier to see what you look like currently. Too many guys put up pictures of themselves 40 pounds or 10 years ago, and I’ve fallen for it too many times. Don’t get me wrong, I like a guy with some meat on his bones, but don’t lie about what you look like. Most people like to know what they’re getting themselves into.

I’m also coming out of a situation where I was lied to on multiple occasions (and fell for it every time), and the internet has given me (and millions of other girls) a sort of preliminary defense mechanism against this. If you can’t take the 15 seconds to look something (or someone) up when the internet is literally at your fingertips, then you sort of deserve whatever is handed to you. (This also goes both ways, guys. If we can search you, you can search us too.)

Guys reading this, please know that, in the age of online dating and Craig’s List Killers, searching you online is now the norm. Secret’s out. Get over it. So, if you have something to hide, it is probably best not to link your phone number to Facebook. I don’t care how private Facebook says it is. Do. Not. Do it. 
It took me all of five seconds to find out that A is in a relationship. At least on Facebook. So I gave him a nice Pro Tip about not linking his number to Facebook if he was going to be in a relationship. After a half-assed protest, he eventually disappeared. 

That’s fine, bro. I feel bad for his girlfriend but glad I dodged that very dramatic future bullet. The chick had a sleeve. He’s an asshole for trying to get me involved in that. I don’t have to be the other woman to know not to mess with chicks with that many tattoos.

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