Whole30 – Days 9-12: Chocolate Dreaming

Well, apparently I’ve got quite a few days to catch up on since I seriously slacked off this weekend. In writing, not necessarily the diet itself. Although there were a couple of snags that I will get to.

Thursday: Just another day. Went off without incident. Even got in a barre workout that night after work and felt great all day.

Friday: I had a get-together that night with a few friends, and I made three different Whole30-approved appetizers that turned out pretty good! Sweet potato sliders were my favorite, but we also had spinach meatballs and buffalo chicken stuffed peppers with ranch that weren’t terrible either. I also spent the night drinking apple spice tea mixed with sparkling water out of a wine glass.

Other than completely stopping up my garbage disposal cleaning out the fridge for my new roommate who moved in Saturday, the night went very well. I wasn’t even tempted to drink any alcohol.

Saturday: I ate lunch out and tried to stick to the diet as much as I could. I’m sure the fries I got weren’t exactly fried in Whole30 compliant oil, but there wasn’t really a way to get around that, and it seemed like the best side I could order from the menu without getting something full of cheese.

I went on a date with a fitness and nutrition coach Saturday night. He was already aware of my diet because we’ve spent the past couple of weeks talking about it. He’s actually encouraged me a little bit to stay on track. He picked Cabo Fish Taco to eat since the food is somewhat clean. I got a blackened tuna salad without dressing. Not the best-tasting thing I’ve eaten lately, but it got the job done, I guess. Although I did have a banana with almond butter later that night when I got home.

It was also helpful to get some additional encouragement from him. He told me he’s lost 100lbs not once, but twice(!!), which is how he got so into nutrition.

Sunday: I spent most of the day hanging out at home but ate out again at dinner at a place that had a tiny menu. I had no choice but to cheat here because I didn’t do my research before going, but the majority of the plate was full of veggies, so I still don’t think I did terribly.

Monday: I did fine. Made hash browns today with my bacon and eggs (for dinner). So good!

As of now, I haven’t noticed a difference in my sleeping, which was kind of the reason I did this to begin with (that and to be healthier), so it’s a little disappointing. I still need my sleep aid at night, and I know this because every now and then, I won’t take it, but I still wake up and can’t get back to sleep just like I was doing before starting it. But I am going to see this through and keep trying to see if anything changes.

My energy level is great! Even when I know I am getting tired, I still feel fresh. None of the groggy feeling or foggyness I feel when I normally get tired. In fact, the only way I know I am getting tired is when I start yawning, and of course, if it is late and past my bedtime. I am really happy with how I have been feeling lately.

I will also say that before this little challenge, I thought alcohol was going to be the hardest thing I was going to be giving up. But I was wrong. I miss sugar like the fat kid I am. And before I started this, I was never really able to pin down my favorite sweet food. However, Reese’s Cups are currently all I think about. Day in and day out. I even had a dream about them. No kidding. An ex kept throwing them at me (unwrapped) and they would land just out of my reach. It also doesn’t help that there is an entire drawer full of them at work for the taking. I have not touched that drawer for 13 days now. And I feel like each day is a little bit harder. Whether this challenge changes my relationship with food or not, I am literally counting down the days until I can eat one.

The timeline said this would happen, and I must admit that I did not believe that I would actually dream about chocolate. And I have to admit that I was a little ashamed that it happened to me. But, it is what it is, I guess. I did just see an article where Drew Barrymore admitted that she cried over pizza when she did her latest diet, so at least I’m not actually crying over anything … yet. That made me feel a little better.

My Saturday date asked me yesterday how I was doing and if I’d had any Reese’s cravings since Saturday (we talked all about the one food we would have if it didn’t count, so I told him). I told him I was ashamed to say they are fairly constant (I left out the part about dreaming about them). He said, “If you can eat a salad without dressing, you can do anything.”

Good point, buddy!

I will be telling myself that from now on.

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