Road Trippin’ Day 4 and 5

Monday’s activities included the zoo and the Denver nature and science museum. The zoo was wonderful, as usual, although not quite as large or as nice as the St. Louis zoo. But still a zoo. And I love them, so it was equally fun and exhausting. 
After that, I made my parents eat somewhere because I was starving and their breakfast choices were slim. Chik-fil-A for the win.
Then it was on to the museum, which was huge. Tons of exhibits (and an IMAX movie) but my favorite exhibit was one about health because it was interactive. Before we walked in, we were given a card to be used throughout the exhibit. When we put it in the machine to “sign in,” we created a profile (age, sex, etc.) and were able to walk through and try all the different pieces of the exhibit. One machine allowed you to put your hand under a green light and showed you the veins underneath. Another measured your heart rate, while another measured your arm span and another measured your stride. There were more than that but you get the idea. 
For those wondering, my arm span and height form a perfect square: 5’10 1/2″ x 5’10 1/2″ (but we’ll just round all that up to 6ft x 6ft). My normal, walking stride is 3ft 2inches and my speed is 3.4 mph. For reference, my mom’s stride was over 4 feet. 
Anyway, this exhibit even printed out a card at the end with your profile on it, which is how I was able to remember my stride and arm span and all that. Pretty cool! 
The museum was 3 floors, and with us getting there at 2pm, we still weren’t able to finish everything before they closed at 5. And since it had been a long day, we called it and went back to the campground for the night. 
Tuesday, the Georgetown Loop was on our schedule for the afternoon. So we got up early and drove to Dillon, CO first (we would hit Georgetown on our way back) to check out my stepdad’s old stomping grounds. He lived in Denver for four years when he was in high school, and his family would go camping in Dillon on the lake. 

The drive took a little over an hour (everything seems so far away here!) and was straight into the mountains, which I was excited about. Maybe we would see some snow-capped mountains!

Turns out, we did see snow. On the drive back from Dillon, a really cute town with a Swiss Alps vibe, we took the long way around the mountain we originally took a tunnel through to get to. This was apparently the “old” way before they built the tunnel that my stepdad and his family took to get there. I am assuming it is the longer way, but we stopped so many times to take pictures that I have no idea exactly how much longer it takes to drive around vs through. We even ran into an elk minding his own business on the side of the road eating at the Leaf Buffet. There was a crowd of people, so we stopped to check it out (I have learned from my time at zoos that usually, if there is a crowd, there is an animal somewhere close). Mr. Elk was very cooperative and let us take his picture. He even still had fur on his horns. 

And finally, we made it to Georgetown with time to spare! We did a little shopping in Georgetown proper and ate brunch at a place called The Happy Cooker. Super cute place and really good food. 

After brunch, it was time for the Georgetown Loop, which is a ride on a railroad miners used back in the day. Included with our train ride was also a tour of the Everett mine, during which we learned how to pan for gold. And those of us who weren’t too cool for school still have our gold in a vile at home!

The scenery from this whole day was breathtaking. So much so that, like I said, we had to stop and take pictures often. Some of which are below. This place is absolutely gorgeous!

By the time we got home, we were tired and hungry. While we waited for the weather to cool off enough for David to start a fire, my mom and I went to do some laundry. After that, we got back to the camper and were fishing around for food to eat like little mice waiting on burgers to cook. My mom picked up the bag of Takis I’d bought on the road (to keep me awake) and asked if I wanted them. I said no because they weren’t the flavor I wanted (Nitro vs the yummy Fuego I usually get). She wondered aloud why, “they’re just tortilla chips” and promptly put one in her mouth at the exact time I shouted, “WAIT!!” 
Too late. 
Almost instantly, a look of regret formed on her face as she realized her mistake. 
“Those are hot,” I say. 
“Yeah, I see that now.”
I must give her some credit. She bravely finished the chip, put down the bag and didn’t even need to go after the milk in the fridge to neutralize her mouth. 
To say I was impressed is an understatement.  

And I think this is enough for today. I’ll write more later! 

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