A Party Without A/C Isn’t Much Of A Party

Most of you who know me know I love throwing a party. I really enjoy entertaining people and making sure they have a good time and feel welcome.  And, now that I’ve gotten the bottom floor of my house relatively close to what I want it to look like, I thought it was time for a good ole housewarming party! (I will literally look for any excuse to throw one.)

I sent out invites a few weeks ago, and almost every person I invited was able to come. I set the date for April 14, so last week I spent every night after work prepping. I bought a new frame for the dining room wall to replace the one that fell off and broke the week before. I fixed the hole I’d made in the downstairs bathroom wall trying to hang a towel ring (long story), painted the wall that had the holes in it (I’ll paint the other walls later), and hung the ring in the correct spot. I pushed a very heavy trunk upstairs BY MYSELF (although Warren thought he could help––he didn’t). I’d decided I didn’t want it downstairs because it was taking up the space where I wanted to eventually put a bar, so last week was as good a time as any to move it. I cleaned, I bought candles for party favors (pic below), I rounded up serving dishes. I bought fresh flowers and food. And wine. So much wine.

And finally, by the time Friday rolled around, I felt somewhat ready. I still had a decent-sized list to get through but most of it was stuff I couldn’t really do until the day of. Food prep, last-minute sweep and mop (dark wood floors really show every single speck of dirt), arranging flowers in vases, etc. But everything had been bought and friends were coming over that night to help me put together the favors (the only picture I took of the entire party).

Anyway, when I got home from work on Friday, I did my usual walking of the dog before my friends came over. When we got home, we were both pretty hot and since the temperature had risen significantly throughout the day, I turned on the air and went upstairs to shower off and change clothes. About 30 minutes later, W was still panting pretty hard and the house didn’t seem any cooler despite the temp being set at 69°. In fact, the thermostat said it was 73° inside. Too hot. I bumped the A/C down a few more degrees and tried not to panic quite yet. 15 minutes later, the thermostat said it was now 74° inside.

Well, that ain’t good.

I walked around to the vents and noticed the air coming through wasn’t cool. I went outside to the HVAC and it wasn’t on. Which was weird because it had been working just fine up until then, and it was a brand new HVAC. I didn’t understand how it could be broken already.

And that’s about the time the panic started to set in. It was now 7pm on a Friday and I had people coming over the next day. Lots of people. And it was supposed to be 81°!!

I phoned a friend (one who was coming to the party) and she gave me the number to her A/C guy that came highly recommended. I called them and left a message praying they would call me back. In the meantime, I tried not to panic about how much this was going to cost me or what it would do to my guests the next day.

Two hours and a couple talk-me-off-the-ledge reassurances from my friends later, I received a call back. A woman guided me outside to my HVAC and told me to look for a switch that looked kind of like a breaker. I found it and there was one switch inside. Well, it wasn’t so much of a switch as it was a red plate with a metal hook attached to it. On the switch were the words “OFF” and “NO”. I told the woman on the phone as much and she told me to take the plate out and turn it upside down and put it back in. I did that hoping I wasn’t going to be electrocuted in the process, and when I put it back in, the HVAC kicked on and blew my shirt up. It scared me so much that I dropped the plate on the ground. I picked it back up and put it back where it was supposed to go, this time with the word I thought was ‘NO’ upright. It actually said “ON”.


But my idiocy didn’t matter. THE HVAC WAS BACK ON!!

I could’ve cried I was so happy. And that phone call didn’t cost me a thing! I was so impressed with this woman, and I could see why this company came so highly recommended.

The woman on the phone said whoever does my yard work probably turned off the HVAC if it was on while they were doing their work, which is a good thing, she said. I guess they forgot to turn it back on when they were done.

While this whole situation could have been avoided completely, it also could have been a lot worse. And I am thankful to have found a company that doesn’t take advantage of the fact that I am not only a woman, but a first-time homeowner who knows absolutely nothing about air conditioners. Any other person could have charged me an arm and a leg just to come out and turn a switch upright.

The next day, twenty-seven people showed up to my house. Now, whether or not they had room to move around is anyone’s guess, but it was cool as a cucumber inside. And since the party started at 3 and the last guest didn’t leave until 9pm, I figured they were pretty comfortable either way and hopefully a good time was had by all!

Here is the only picture I took of the party…. Thanks, Pinterest!


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