The Pesky Port

Well, the mysterious, migrating port has officially been found!!

Last week, after my half-fill appointment, Dr. Criswell had told me to go home and tend to my wounds with ice and massage over the next few days before we tried again. I didn’t really get how massaging it would help since she’d just spent 20 minutes doing the same and couldn’t find the port, but I definitely followed orders to ice it. The next day my skin was purple from where she had poked and prodded and stuck me, so massaging it was even more out of the question. I spent most of the next few days icing it when I was able and kind of half-assing the massage thing but eventually gave up on that. I figured she’d find it eventually. After all, she’s the doctor and she promised me she would “fix” me.

However, this morning when I got out of the shower, it occurred to me that the port may actually be sitting on top of the expander and maybe that’s why we couldn’t find it. So, I felt around and thought I could feel a little extra bulk on top of the expander, but I also knew they aren’t totally filled and are still a little bunched/folded up in there, so I wasn’t sure if it was plastic from the bag itself or the port. I made a note to point Dr. Criswell in that direction either way.

When we got in the office, sure enough, that was the port! It hadn’t flipped over like I was told they tend to do sometimes when they come unstitched, but it was sitting at an awkward angle, so Dr. C massaged it a little bit and put some numbing cream on it (which was wasted because I still have no feeling where she was poking—but I still appreciated the sentiment).

Anyway, she had to push down a little harder than usual, but she made it into the port on the second try! It took her a little while and a decent amount of strength to get all the fluid in there from the syringe, so I asked about it because last week, the right one seemed to go in super easily. She guessed the tube may have been kinked a little bit because of the way the port was sitting, but it all finally went in and I let myself breathe again.

When she finished, she marked where the port site is and took a picture with her phone to add to my chart. She then explained to a nurse how she found it and how she filled it, so that I am able to see a nurse next time and not the doctor (usually fill appointments alternate between nurse and doctor).

We only did the left side today since we were only able to get the right side last time, so they are even now. But next week, she said we may be able to fill them each with a little more fluid, since we are coming up against the chemo deadline (we are still awaiting those results, but I am penciled in to begin August 15).


This means walking the dog, going to 9 Round, lifting weights. You name it, I can do it. Well, everything except jerky chest movements (like cleans, etc.) which won’t really affect me a whole lot and I can substitute those for planks or dumbbells at 9 Round. And, I am so pumped to head back to 9 Round! But, of course, I only have about a two-day window before I start the egg retrieval process which will limit my exercising once again. I don’t even care, though, because I can go at least once and get to feel the adrenaline and sweat once again. It’s gonna be great!

It’s also gonna be super painful because I haven’t worked out in over a month, but, you know, details…

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