Hello, Neighborhood!

I moved to a new place!

I tried to come up with a more clever/cute/cool way to say that but came up empty handed. It could be the Destiny’s Child I’m listening to distracting me from coming up with legible sentences. I’ll try harder.

The Place
So, I finally got out of my overpriced, under-furnished, yet very large apartment and into a smaller, reasonably-priced, still under-furnished duplex. I had a month and a half to move in since my lease at The Grove didn’t end until May 31st, but I’ve finally gotten everything moved and am working on getting settled in and finding a place for everything. Closet space is very limited, so it’s really hard to just shove things into one and call the place clean. Now I actually have to buy furniture and unpack boxes. Being a grown-up is hard.

My place sans furniture.

The bunnies have adjusted (somewhat) nicely. They hate the hardwood floors because they slide around on them. I actually LOVE the hardwood floors and will never go back to carpet if I can help it. I even took my vacuum cleaner home to Vicksburg. I’m done with that thing! I bought some indoor/outdoor carpet for the bunnies to live on inside their cage and when I let them out, I put down some small rugs for them to walk on. They are figuring it out. Poe has actually ventured off the carpet and all the way to my bedroom to explore, but I have to be careful not to move too quickly because she freaks out and does a weird Scooby Doo move on the floor trying to run away. Not that I’m worried about her messing up the wood (she doesn’t weigh enough for that), I’m just not trying to give a bunny a heart attack.

The Neighborhood
It’s in the 12 South/Belmont neighborhood, which is a great location for all you folks out there who don’t live in Nashville. It’s very quaint and historic. There are tons of restaurants within walking distance. People run/walk along the sidewalks when the weather is nice (and even when it’s not – people are crazy about their fitness here). There’s also a park at the end of my street that hosts festivals and farmers markets in the summer. And the people are super friendly. I’ve been welcomed to the neighborhood by no less than three of my neighbors since I moved in. I have even made plans with one of them, Diane, to walk to the farmers market one of these days when neither of us has something going on.

Diane and her husband (my neighbors to the left) were the first to welcome me when I was still moving in. They gave me their numbers and even offered to be my emergency contacts. Her husband is from the MS gulf coast so they either took to me very quickly or felt sorry for me. I’ll take either one. Super nice people! She also told me there’s a songwriting Grammy winner living next to her (two doors down from me). I don’t remember his name, but he apparently taught the Kings of Leon what rock and roll was back in the day. He won a Grammy with them a couple of years ago. He’s even got a huge studio in his back yard. Diane was sure to point out to me that it was soundproof. Ha, like I care! I wanna see famous people! You never know what you’re going to find in Nash.

There’s a grocery store at the end of my street next to a recording studio (there’s one of those on every corner in this town), my church is literally across the street, and there’s a rather expensive-looking animal hospital down the road. I could potentially never leave the neighborhood and be perfectly happy.

I love my new neighborhood. Come see me, but be warned – call it the ghetto (the grocery store looks slightly run-down) and we will no longer be friends. Grammy winners don’t live in the ghetto!

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