Life Update/Bad Car Ju-Ju

I recently came to the realization that I haven’t blogged about anything since Valentine’s day. So, I started racking my brain trying to come up with something cool/funny that’s happened to me since then that’s blog-worthy… And since I’m still trying to come up with something, I came to another realization that my life is boring. So boring that I’m just going to post an update of sorts and hope something cool/funny comes out of it.

Here goes.

It’s June now.
The Bachelorette is back on, so I have something to look forward to on Monday nights after the ridiculously hard workout class I (sometimes) go to.
I’ve lost 25 pounds since January.
Worked my ass off for that one. Still have a ways to go, but it’s a nice start.
I moved to a new place (I will devote a separate post to this).

Finding something to write about seems harder than I thought it would be.

Here’s something: My car (’04 Honda Accord – 240,000 miles) is either being an ass or is finally giving up on life. I went home to Vicksburg this past Thursday for my cousin’s wedding. I drove 7 hours without knowing my windshield wipers weren’t working, only to realize it the next morning when, after spending the night with friends in Clinton, I still had 30 minutes to drive home. In the rain. However, thanks to the Rain-X treatment I’d just gotten done, I got home fine. I surprised my mother by showing up on the doorstep at 8am basically a day early because I told her I wasn’t leaving Nashville until Friday morning. She was quite surprised and immediately started fretting about not having a shower yet and the house being a mess. Hello, woman, I used to live there! Like I care! I was just happy to be home!

Sometime between the rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids luncheon, I took my car to a couple of different places to get it looked at. They both told me I “had problems.” Right. I knew that. Turns out the wiper motor was blown. It would take all day to fix and I’d never find anyone to work on it on a Saturday. PLUS it was supposed to rain on my drive back Sunday. My A/C has also been out since April, so it made sense that the weather would also try to screw me over.

After going over worst-case scenarios in my head about driving 7 hours in the rain on Sunday and finally talking with my mom about it, she came to my rescue and let me take her car back to Nashville leaving my car to be fixed by someone my Pawpaw recommended. It helps to know people. What could have easily turned out to be a $1000 fix will hopefully be cut in half… Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

So, for now, I’m in this huge, heavy, white SUV that, as of this morning, has a brand new crack in the windshield thanks to some asshole rock. Look out TN drivers, apparently I need to go to confession or something to get rid of this bad car Ju-Ju.

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