Thank You

I read an article today about an elderly man who bought a VHS player on eBay so that he could watch some old VHS tapes he found. This man then wrote a sweet letter to the seller to thank him for letting him relive his wedding and retirement through those tapes, and the letter went viral. It even inspired other people to share it and write about their personal experiences they had when selling something that ended up bringing happiness to another person’s—a stranger’s—life.

Words are so powerful. They can tear a person down or build a person up with ease. They can hurt deeply, but they can also inspire people to do things they never could have convinced themselves to do on their own. It’s nice when strangers recognize when you do something good or brave or inspiring, and the world needs more of it. When people use their words for good, the world becomes a better place.

I’ve gotten messages throughout this whole blogging journey about how my writing has inspired another person to take some sort of action: from making a doctor appointment, to which mammogram option to choose, to where to find information on a certain subject I’ve written about, to even just the generic “keep up the good work!” encouragement. I’ve also gotten messages simply thanking me for sharing my feelings on certain issues because, even if you don’t have cancer, you are probably fighting some kind of battle and you can relate to the things I’ve been going through. Hell, even if you’re not fighting a battle at the moment, you can read my blog if for no other reason than to feel better about your own life. Hey, I’m here to help in any way I can!

Each and every one of you that have kept up with my trials and tribulations over the years have had an impact on my life. So, I want to thank you. Even if I’ve never met you in person. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for making me feel less alone – this is important. Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis to keep plugging away. To keep writing. To keep moving, working, doing, being.

Thank you for forcing me to pull the positives from my situation. For keeping my attitude light. For being patient with me when my attitude isn’t so light. For reaching out when you haven’t heard from me in a while. For taking care of me after surgeries. For taking care of my fur children when I’ve been in the hospital or recovering from surgery.

Thank you for sending cards, flowers, and gifts. Even though I tried my best to keep up with it, there’s a very real possibility that you may never have received a thank you note for something you’ve sent me, which hurts my southern-rooted heart, but I want you to know now that it was so appreciated.

And last but not least, I want to thank you all for being kind to me. There are so many things I haven’t said in this blog about what I’ve been through emotionally and physically because it was just too personal, but your kindness has stuck with me through all of it. Even if we don’t talk often.

I think sometimes we forget the impact our words can have on a person. Good or bad. So I wanted to take the time to write this to you, dear reader.

Thank you for all the good.

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