Puppies, Hardwood Floors, and Area Rugs, Oh My!

Since I am now a crazy dog lady in addition to being a crazy cat lady, one of my concerns since moving into the house has been W’s ability (or lack thereof) to walk/run somewhat normally on the wood floors. The Scooby-Do thing was cute at first, but now I can’t help but wonder how much of that my floors can take. Especially as he gets bigger. He needs a place to land (and, if I’m being honest, a place to hump his bed that won’t leave him sliding all over the place and waking the neighbors as he tries to get a good grip on it—its the only thing he humps, and I pick my battles, folks). And, while it is only an issue downstairs as the upstairs is carpeted, it is an issue nonetheless.

Unfortunately for my sweet mother who has a tendency to offer me free furniture she isn’t using, I have a vision for how I’d like my house to look, and I am in the slow process of bringing that vision to life (furniture is expensive AF, in case you didn’t know). And since I had absolutely zero living/dining furniture when I moved in, area rugs have not exactly been top of the priority list. But as we spend more nights in the house, and I see how much he enjoys playing and running back and forth between the front and back doors (he ain’t used to this much room, y’all, and he’s loving every second of it), I decided to go ahead and move it up the list. Overstock has been my friend lately, and I’ve been stalking a couple of area rugs there for a week or so, but I was hesitant to order them without being able to see and feel them first.

I’ve also been stalking a bar stool. I had found one at Marshall’s a couple of days after the closing and loved it so much that I bought it and hoped I could find it’s match at another Marshall’s/HomeGoods/TJ Maxx. So I went to what is supposed to be the largest Marshalls in Charlotte on my lunch break. I found the darker wood version of my stool (and it’s match, of course), but they didn’t have the lighter version, which is the one I want. But on my way out, I found the area rug that was actually still sitting in my cart on overstock. For $100 cheaper! I had to have it. So I bought it. And walked out of that store super proud of myself for knocking something else off the list.

And since there was a Pier1 a couple of stores down, I decided to stop in there to see if they had the purple ottoman I’d been stalking on their website for quite some time now (my stalker game is strong right now). It also just-so-happens to be the ottoman I have designed my entire space around (well, that and the fireplace) that I have not yet bought. *Again, furniture is expensive!* They didn’t have the ottoman, but they did have an area rug more perfect than the one I’d just bought (I know, eyeroll). So soft and such a cute design. It was also on sale, albeit more expensive than the HomeGoods rug (of course). So I bought that one too and decided to return the first one. But not right then because going back in there to return something 10 minutes after buying it would be embarrassing to me for some reason. So that rug is still hanging out in my car waiting for a chance to make it back into a HomeGoods store near you!

Either that or I’ll use it in my dining room if it isn’t too big.

P.S. It will probably be too big.

Sneak peak of my living room below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update: I ordered the ottoman! Thank you, President’s Day sales!

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