Moving: Uptown Nightmare Edition

As many of you have heard, I just bought a house (still strange to say). And as many of you know, buying a house means moving. And, if you’re moving out of an apartment, you have to end your current lease in order to quit paying rent at one place to start paying rent (or a mortgage) at another. My [now former] roommate and I did everything we could to make our move seamless, but we (read: our apartment’s leasing office) failed miserably.

The last day of our lease was February 16th. My roommate, let’s call her Jessica, signed a lease at a new complex and got the keys to her place February 1st. I closed on my house January 31st. We both paid our prorated rent for the first 16 days in February and were happy with how perfectly it was going to work out. We would each have two full weeks to move into our new places. But both of us being anxious to get it over with, we moved most of our stuff out the first weekend in February. Jess had hired movers to get her heavy stuff, and I had my parents and friends (that I am the most thankful for!) to help me. The last time I saw Jess at the apartment was that Sunday, as she was loading up what was supposed to be her last load. However, her car was full to the brim and she wasn’t able to fit everything, so she left some stuff in the kitchen to come back to get later (we did still have two weeks, after all), and neither of us thought anything of it.

My mom packed up a lot of my stuff at my apartment while I was at work, and mistakenly packed up the mirror Jess had left in the kitchen. I found it hanging on the inside of a closet door (it was a nice mirror), and since I had accidentally packed up one of her records with mine, I made a trip back to the apartment to return the stuff a couple days later. I remember trying to get it back as soon as possible so she wouldn’t come by after work one day and not have everything there. I put the mirror back where it had been leaning up against the wall, and I put the records next to the rest of her stuff that was still on the counter. Then, since all of my stuff was out and I didn’t want to make another trip over there, I went to turn in my keys and a check for the “Express Clean” service they offered us––at the low, low price of $150. I told the leasing agent I turned my keys into what the check was for (although it was written on the check as well) and that my roommate still had her keys because she still had another load to make. He said he would make a note, and I went on with my day.

Early the next week, I noticed that they cashed the check (not sure on the exact date they cashed it, that’s just when I noticed it), so I assumed they were crediting my account so that they could clean when Jess got her stuff out (please note that we still had a few more days to do that).

However, on the 16th, I got a text from Jess that began with “I am raging right now.” I knew immediately that something had gone wrong and that it most likely had everything to do with the apartment complex. Apparently, she had gone back for her stuff (well before 5pm–not that that mattered, we technically had until midnight), but her key wouldn’t work and she wasn’t able to get into the apartment. So she went to the leasing office who gave her the wrong keys. Three times. The fourth time, she made the leasing agent walk over there with her. And when she was finally able to open the door, all of her stuff (except the dolly she’d bought for the move––they left that) was gone. Gone! But what was there were boxes with new appliances in them, a new sink and new countertops. And had the apartment been cleaned, you ask?! Nope! They sure cashed my check, though!

And, of course, the leasing agent had no idea where her stuff was. There was no record of it anywhere. So not only had they changed the locks to the apartment while we were still supposed to have access to it, but they had “disposed” of the stuff that hadn’t been picked up yet. And, I’m sorry, but I can only think of one way her full bottles of liquor and wine would have been “disposed” of. Anyway, they probably shouldn’t have made Jess walk a block and up 4 floors four separate times (the leasing office is in a separate building than the one we lived in), because she unloaded on the leasing agent, and I don’t blame her. She said the poor girl was speechless by the time she was done.

In all fairness, they did offer to reimburse her for the monetary value of the stuff and send her a check for it. However, since this all happened on a Friday, the leasing agent said she would reach out to Jess on Monday with details. Jess did not hear from her. In fact, Jess had to reach out to her in order to get a response, which is below.

IMG_5094 copy copy

Yep, that’s right. They won’t even mail the check to her! They are mailing it to me because my name is first on the lease. What the actual F#^&?!

I have lived in this building for 4 years, and I loved it the first two. But they were bought out by another management company around the time I moved into my two-bedroom and things went downhill from there. I could write a book on all the issues we’ve dealt with at this place, from cars getting broken into in the gated garage to the air not working in my room (and fighting with maintenance about it for a year before I gave up––it still does not work and I feel sorry for the next asshole who has to live through a North Carolina summer in that room) to Jess’s car actually being booted the first night she moved in because the leasing agent didn’t tell her she needed a pass to park in the garage. Not to mention the whole debacle of the previous roommate getting knocked up, moving out early and only having to pay $300 to “break her lease” whereas I would’ve had to pay over $3000 if I’d wanted to do the same.

Anyway, I’m writing this mostly to complain but also to have some sort of documentation in case we have to get a lawyer involved, because if these bastards try to get any more money out of me, I’m threatening legal action. I can call a lawyer or we can call it even. They can decide.

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